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We are proud to announce new additions to our exclusive collection

of gourmet wines from one of the most fascinating wine regions

of the world: CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE in Côtes du Rhône. The exceptional characteristics of Chateauneuf du Pape wines dates back to its ancient

history which is very much connected to the history of the Popes in Avignon

(14th Century). 


The extraordinary wines of Chàteau de Manissy, a historic wine estate

dating back to the 17th century and located on the

right bank of the river Rhône are produced without chemical inputs.

Winemaker Florian Andrè who took over the management of the vineyards

shares his philosophy:

“Our customers deserve good quality wines that are safe to drink.

Besides, we are the primary consumers of our own wines“.



                                           BORDEAUX WINES


                           Best of Bordeaux  wines from Chateau Meyre and

                                   Chateau Beau Rivage now available at BIOWISE.


Outstanding features of these wines are the traditional methods used in producing best quality wines. Cultivating vines for more than 3 centuries, sustainable agriculture that respects the environment has been practiced throughout the winemaking process.


The delicacy and elegance of the wines, driven by the quality of the terroirs and the know-how of

the winemaker teams resulted in the estate being rewarded in 2020 with the status of Cru Bourgeois Supérieur.




We are proud to introduce DOMAINE LA COLOMBETTE wines, our latest addition to our ever-growing exclusive collection of gourmet wines. Famous for their modern and innovative approach to wine-making, the DOMAINE LA COLOMBETTE has consistently won awards each year, most notably in 2009 for winning twice the best Chardonnay in the world.



Our latest addition to our growing sortiment of exclusive gourmet wines: Chavin`s Alcohol-Free Collection which is currently making waves in France and throughout the word.

Pierre Chavin`s Zero Wines has earned its place at the top of the alcohol-free market both in France and abroad.

The Alcohol-Free Collection of Pierre Chavin consists of a range of elegant and rich wines and sparkling with 0% alcohol


 Gilbert & Gaillard in Millésime Bio 2015, Montpellier, France


We congratulate Vinos Cambroneros for the rare distinction of holding the coveted

Gold Awards from the prestigious Gilbert & Gaillard international wine competitions for all their wines: Finca Lastonar, Franchete Cabernet Sauvignon, Franchete Assemblage, Franchete Barrique and Cambrius.

This is a tribute to the remarkable dedication and passion of its owner Francisco Cambroneros to produce only the best quality wines which consistently earned for him numerous accolades.

Domaine Bassac France appoints BIOWISE EUROPE as

                 Exclusive Distributor for the Philippines


We are pleased to announce the appointment of BIOWISE EUROPE as 

Exclusive distributor for Philippines by DOMAINE BASSAC SRL, a family-owned, estate vineyard and winery now on its 9th generation, located in the heart of LANGUEDOC-ROUSSILLON in the South of France.

As customers in Asia are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demand for  wines continues to increase, DOMAINE BASSAC has the product range and specialty to meet this demand. Domaine Bassac complements our very select group of highly-acclaimed gourmet wines from some of the oldest vineyards in Europe.

Vinos Cambroneros names Biowise Europe                                                                       Exclusive Distributor for Philippines


BIOWISE EUROPE was recently designated Exclusive Distributor in the booming wine market Philippines where the wine industry has experienced steady growth over the past decade.

Biowise Europe is pleased to market the exclusive award-winning signature wines of Francisco Cambroneros.

Today, a good wine has become a symbol of prestige in Asia and the hospitable host offers his guests the finest of wines as a token of respect. But as Asians drink more wine and learn more about wines, experienced buyers have discovered that many good wines are produced by small, family-run vineyards such as the winery of Vinos Cambroneros who have adopted sustainable wine making that favors traditional techniques which in turn have helped to greatly improve the quality of the wines and the evironment.